how coopsnoop works

After creating an account and once you install the Snoop It button as a bookmark in your browser you can easily add listings to your collection while viewing them on any of hundreds of supported websites.

We store the important information like address, price, number of beds/baths, etc in a workspace where you can organize, rate, comment, add photos/videos the listings while working with your spouse, partner, roommates or real estate agent.

Use the mobile app on-the-go!

Our mobile application lets you snap photos, favorite, rate, and take notes that are automatically attached to the listings you've snooped. Can't remember what the second bathroom looked like in that one house? Well, fret no more, just click-and-shoot with your phone while your visiting a home and we'll take care of the rest.

Quickly map your route!

Quickly Map your route!
Taking a tour of a neighborhood? Spending your weekend visiting open houses? Our web and mobile tools will help you organize your trip and efficiently collect photos and other data while you are out and about.

We support the following popular websites:

....and hundreds more!
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